Wikiwàn Catering


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Shops and services:

Wikiwàn Catering offers meal tray services, packed lunches, snacks, and drinks for airlines and tour-operators. Whether for crew or passengers, the Wikiwàn teams produce food on site and provide all types of drinks and snacks, they can therefore respond to any type of catering request as quickly as possible.

  • PASSENGERS catering services meal trays and the re-stocking of SNACKS and DRINKS trolleys
  • Airline CREW catering MEAL TRAYS (cold, hot, breakfasts)
  • PACKED LUNCH catering (distribution option in the boarding lounge)
  • VIP catering for Business Aviation (VIP trays, personalised services upon request​)
    >>> For last-minute VIP, weekend, or bank holidays requests (<24 hours) , download the VIP 24H card here 


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