Travelling with an animal


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Domestic animals are accepted on board planes, either in the cabin or in the hold, except in the case of valid reasons against this (number of  animals already admitted, state of health, the regulations in the destination country, etc.).

If the animal weighs less than 6 kilos

It will be accepted in the cabin in its carrier which must not exceed a certain volume. It should, however, be noted that small rodent-type animals are prohibited by airlines.

If the animal weighs more than 6 kilos

Apart from in exceptional cases, the animal must travel in the hold (pressurised, ventilated, and heated) in a special box sold in airports.

 IMPORTANT When making your booking, you should provide the company with which you are travelling with specific information regarding the transport of any animals, you will then be informed of the transportation fee. It is mandatory to inform the company upon booking.

For all voyages you must also make sure to provide yourself with your pet’s health documentation.