Handling and services

Business Aviation

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The business terminal is open daily from 09:00 to 17:00 and our teams can be reached 7 days a week

Handling services

  • Operational support: welcome for passengers and aircraft staff, guidance on the tarmac, aircraft positioning, baggage handling, the management of specific requests (see the services below).
  • Payment options: a one-off bill for all of the handling services and several payment methods are accepted (CB, VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Carte Totale, cash);
  • Re-fuelling: AVGAS 100LL and JET A1 - World Fuel Services;
  • Additional assistance services on the ground: GPU, Air Start, toilet draining, aircraft de-icing, ballast bags, bus access to parked aircraft, etc.
  • Business terminal privatisation option.

To best meet our customers’ expectations, requests for handling assistance and catering must be received at least 24 hours before the customer arrives at the airport.

Services ++

  • V.I.P. Space : a VIP lounge to guarantee a top-of-the-range welcome with a bar, private waiting room to allow you to work in peace, and a TV screen. 
  • Free Wifi and a computer station with a printer available to aircraft teams and customers;
  • Snack Bar: the business terminal bar offers a small selection of hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks; 
  • Meeting rooms: several meeting rooms are available on site for reservation in advance;

    Services offered in the passenger terminal are also available: duty free, travel agency, post box, ATM, etc.                   


V.I.P. Services

  • Reservations*: hotels, taxis, hire cars.
    Services at preferential rates with our selected hotel partners:
    The REX Hôtel, 4**** located in the centre of Tarbes.
    the GALLIA et LONDRES 4****  located in Lourdes
    the Grand Hotel Moderne 4*** located in Lourdes
    the Eliséo 4**** in Lourdes

  • Concierge Service : from a valet service to bouquets of flowers to limousine hire, the teams will respond to all of your specific requests.
  • Organisation of a private trip to Lourdes and the top tourist locations in the region, , contact us here 

Contact and Rates

Find the rates and contacts here.