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Abbeys, Castles and Museums

  • Abbeys: The Hautes-Pyrénées has over 10 abbeys, all dating from the 10th century. The most significant are the Abbey of Escaladieu and the Abbey of Saint Savin.
  • Châteaux and Country Houses: The Hautes-Pyrénées have a large number of châteaux and country houses (of which there are 12)
    - the château de Mauvezin,
    - the château de Lourdes,
    - the château de Montaner,
    - the "bastides"  of  Galan, Rabastens de Bigorre, Tournay and Trie sur Baïse.

  • National Stud Farm in Tarbes A protected site and historical monument, and a key part of local history, the Tarbes National Stud Farm is famous across the world and is hope to national stallions of different races, including certain local ones.
  • Museums: The Department of the Hautes Pyrénées is full of a history you can discover during your visits. You will discover local traditions and history, in addition to traditional craftsmanship. Find the list of museums in the Hautes-Pyrénées here

    >>> The Musée International des Hussards in Tarbes which recently reopened its doors after 10 years (2 large collections to explore: the international Hussar collection and a fine art collection).

Grottos and Mines

During your stay, explore the unusual worlds at the heart of underground tunnels: 

- The Bétharram grottos,
- The Esparros grotto,
- The Gargas grotto,
- The Labastide grotto,
- The Médous grotto.
- The Vielle Aure mines.

Information and Booking of your stay:
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