Persons with Reduced Mobility


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Aid and special equipment at the airport

Welcoming and providing assistance to passengers who are ill, disabled, or with reduced mobility, are undoubtedly strong points at Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées Airport. With collaboration from the volunteers of Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes,  Tarbes Lourdes Pyrénées Airport's teams have been specifically trained to ensure the greatest comfort in travel to both individual passengers and those travelling in groups.

This service (entirely free) offers an adapted passenger journey at the airport  to ensure speedy and comfortable access to the plane and to the final destination.

The airport has equipments which are perfectly adapted to assist PRM passengers ; these equiments and services are unique within the international airports sector : 

  • lifting platforms specifically for the boarding and disembarkation of Persons with Reduced Mobility;
  • rest areas for a "Special Welcome” (“Accueil Spécialisé”) located in both arrivals and departures, these waiting rooms are exclusively dedicated to PMRs and those who are ill, and offer an attending nurse, spaces with beds, and approved healthcare;
  • a dedicated security check for PMR passengers travelling in groups;
  • specially dimensioned lifts, leading from one level to another completely conveniently and safely;
  • numerous wheelchairs are available in the airport.

>>> PRM passengers travelling alone

The assistance service can be requested up to 2 hours before the flight’s departure:

  • As regards the short-term car park P1 (30 parking spaces reserved free of charge), you can use one of the 2 call points to register your car here;
  • At your flight's check-in desk;
  • At the information desk located in your WIKIWAN travel agency at the departures level;
  • At the SPECIAL WELCOME welcome office located behind the desk on the departures level;

Any passengers with reduced mobility will benefit from priority boarding.

Passengers affected by temporary incapacity or persons with mobility issues (older individuals, for example) can also benefit from the airport’s assistance service upon request (2 hours before the flight’s departure).

>>> PRM passengers travelling in a group

Passengers travelling in groups in charter flights received care under volunteers from the Hospitalité Notre Dame de Lourdes upon request from the tour operator or the travel agency.

 IMPORTANT: request for assistance from your airline or travel agency. If the admission on board of passengers suffering from a motor or sensory disability is not, in principle, subject to any specific condition of acceptance, it is nevertheless of the utmost importance to inform the airline of this in advance so that the passenger can benefit from the services on offer at the airport.