Business Terminal

Business Aviation

A terminal of 500 m² dedicated exclusively to business and private flights

The business terminal on the LDE  was built and inaugurated in 2011 in order to offer passengers and aircraft staff dedicated infrastructure and personalised services available upon request.

More than a privileged space, this dedicated terminal allows business and private flight customers to quickly access their plane, placed in a parking space reserved for this purpose. The specific installations with security and customs measures facilitate the departures/arrivals of crews and passengers who can changeover completely freely, independently of the international commercial terminal.

An aircraft parking of 9,000 m²,

A terminal of 500²

Passenger Spaces

Passenger Spaces

  • Welcome space - Operations,
  • VIP Lounge,
  • Bar,
  • Meeting room,
  • Relaxation space,
  • Space with the equipment required for security and cross-border checks

Spaces for aircraft staff

Spaces for aircraft staff

  • Briefing room,
  • Rest room,
  • Fitted kitchen (microwave, hob, fridge, etc.),
  • Shower rooms, WC.

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