Depending on the destination, it is very important to make sure you have the necessary documents (identity card, passport, visa, vaccination record) as without these you may refused permission to board, as well as refused entry into the country to which you are travelling.

  • For the national flights :
    Present a valid piece of paper identification with a photo (identity card, passport, driving licence, identity card for any children accompanied).
  • For the international flights :
  • European Union :  Present a national identity card or a valid passport.
  • Other countries : make sure you have a valid passport, as well as a visa if required by the destination country. Get information from your travel agency or the airline in question.

Do not forget to check the validity date of your identity card and passport:  
Since January 2014 the French national identity card is valid for 15 years, as opposed to 10 years previously. Cards provided before this date benefit from an extension of 5 years to your validity. However, certain countries do not recognise this new arrangement. As a result we strongly recommend that you travel with a valid passport in order to ease entrance and stay formalities in your destination country.

*Please note that the 5-year validity extension of the identity document is not valid for minors and adults when their identity documents were made while they were minors.

Specific information for minors travelling alone on flights outside of French territoryFrom 15 th of January 2017, minors travelling alone must present a form of authorisation to leave the country (AST - autorisation de sortie du territoire) signed by the holder of parental custody, for all international flights including those to destinations within the European Union. It must be accompanied by a copy of the identification of the person who signed the AST 

See the UM guidelines



For more information we invite you to consult the site of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Development.