Security Measures


Transporting liquids

Transporting liquids

The new security rules only relate to hand luggage.

Liquids - water, drinks, perfumes, gels, shampoos, toothpaste, mascara, creams, lotions, oil, sprays, shaving foams, deodorants, etc. must be placed in your hold luggage!

Conditions for transporting liquids in your hand luggage:

Contents of max. 100 ml each;

One single transparent bag per passenger, sealed, with a maximum capacity of 1 litre (freezer bag - 20 cm * 20 cm).

Exceptions: medication and baby food required for the voyage.


Important: holy water from Lourdes is subject to the same regulations as other liquids: not more than 100 ml in hand luggage. We advise you place your water in your hold luggage or in a canister to avoid dispute. 

Going through security checks

Going through security checks

Below you will find the list of products prohibited from being transported:

  • Gas cylinders, gas camping stoves.
  • Pressurised containers, aerosols (excluding perfumes, toiletry products, medication).
  • Corrosive, oxidising, irritant, or toxic products, acid, damp batteries, paint, etc.
  • Explosives (ammunition, firecrackers, fireworks, flares, etc.).
  • Inflammable products (fuel, petrol, etc.).
  • Radioactive material, magnetic material.

Here are the products prohibited from transport as cabin baggage:

  • Fire arms.
  • Knives, scissors, cutters, razors, etc.
  • Anti-attack canisters
  • Aerosol canisters (perfumes, toiletry products, medication) with contents above 100 ml.
  • Sharp cutting weapons, blunt weapons such as truncheons, weighted or spiked clubs.
  • Any object which could be used as an offensive weapon, such as ice picks, climbing poles, etc
  • Within the context of the regulations on liquids, any vessels with opaque contents, jars containing gravy, juice or sauce, foie gras, soft cheeses, jams, and nougat of quantities above 100 ml or 100 g are also prohibited.

For more information related to objects prohibited from transport, please click here.


Before going through security checks:

  • Present all the liquids you are transporting to the security officers for examination in their packaging bag;
  • Place your tablets and smartphones in the tray provided for this purpose;
  • Remove jackets, coats, belts and other metallic objects, such as change, lighters, keys, etc.;
  • Remove laptops or other electric devices from your hand luggage and their covers. They will be checked separately while you are being checked.


After the security checks

All of the items purchased in the departure lounge, particularly liquids, drinks, and perfumes, etc., are permitted in the cabin, regardless of content.

Purchases are therefore free to be made in duty free and at the departure lounge bar (within the limitations of customs regulations).

For more information:


Local exception - are allowed : terrines and jars >+ 100 ml (pâtés, foie gras, garbure and Tarbais beans) in a non-opaque container such as glass jars.